´The Greco-Turkish dispute over the Aegean Sea : a possible solution?´ Didier Ortolland

The Greco-Turkish dispute over the Aegean Sea : a possible solution? Par Didier ORTOLLAND, Coordinator of the Geopolitical Atlas of Maritime Spaces. (2 maps)

The evolution of the Law of the Sea, which gives countries new spaces of sovereignty and areas of jurisdiction without specifying their delimitation, is the source of the dispute between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean Sea. This article sets out possible solutions for the delimitation of territorial waters, the continental shelf and exclusive economic zones with reference to the established related jurisprudence and the practice of the states, while taking into consideration the equity and security requirements of both countries. As part of its strategy of geopolitical synergy, www.diploweb.com is pleased to present this article, which first appeared in Défense nationale et sécurité collective.