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We are pleased to announce the publication of a new policy brief, Dealing with Yanukovych´s Ukraine, examining how the recent Ukrainian elections may present the EU with an opportunity to reengage with the lynchpin of Europe´s Eastern Neighbourhood.

The European Council on Foreign Relations´ Ukraine expert, Andrew Wilson, argues that the election of Viktor Yanukvych, far from shifting Ukraine towards Moscow, allows the EU to redefine its approach to Kiev and the whole Eastern Neighbourhood. He suggests that Yanukovych could become a Ukrainian version of Richard Nixon: just as Nixon´s anti-communism allowed him to engage with China, Yanukovych´s links with Moscow might allow him to reposition Ukraine between Russian and Europe.

Andrew Wilson argues that Europeans should not just ask themselves the question, "What can the EU do to help Ukraine?" but "What can the EU do to help Ukraine help Europe?"

The memo is a follow-up to Andrew Wilson and Nicu Popescu´s report, The limits of enlargement-lite: European and Russian power in the troubled neighbourhood, published last year. The report argued that the EU urgently needs to rethink its approach to the neighbourhood or face a ring of failing states and an increasingly active Russia. Highlighting Ukraine as the lynchpin state in the region, the authors showed how the EU´s popularity in Ukraine is rapidly waning.

We hope you will find the paper interesting and stimulating. Comments can be addressed to the author directly at andrew.wilson@ecfr.eu.

Link to full memo: http://ecfr.eu/page/-/documents/Dealing-with-Yanukovychs-Ukraine.pdf


You can listen to a podcast interview with Andrew Wilson here.

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