´Ukraine turns away from democracy and the EU´, Tomas Valasek

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NEW policy brief
´Ukraine turns away from democracy and the EU´
by Tomas Valasek

October 2010

Ukraine is turning inwards and becoming increasingly authoritarian. The new president, Viktor Yanukovich, has taken steps to muzzle independent media, harass critics and sideline the opposition. In this new policy brief Tomas Valasek explains what the EU should do to discourage Yanukovich from building a one-party state. Valasek notes that under Yanukovich, Ukraine´s progress towards EU membership will be very slow. But the EU can give the accession process a boost by significantly expanding people-to-people ties with Ukraine.  
Tomas Valasek is director of foreign policy and defence at the Centre for European Reform

Please find the link below to the policy brief:
Ukraine turns away from democracy and the EUpdf
policy brief by Tomas Valasek

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