´Drug Control, Criminalization, and Global Health´, OSI

Drug Control, Criminalization, and Global Health

A Conversation with UN Special Rapporteur Anand Grover

Location: OSI-New York
Event Date: October 26, 2010
Speakers: Anand Grover, Daniel Wolfe, Joseph Amon

In his latest report, UN Special Rapporteur Anand Grover finds that the current international drug control regime is damaging the health and human rights of people who use drugs. Criminalization and excessive law enforcement practices undermine public health initiatives, perpetuate stigma, and increase health risks to which entire
populations—not only those who use drugs—may be exposed.

The Special Rapporteur´s report (available below) recommends that governments decriminalize drug use and possession and adopt harm reduction services for people who use drugs. The report also calls on UN drug control agencies to take a human rights-based approach to drug control.

The Open Society Foundations and Human Rights Watch present a moderated discussion with the Special Rapporteur on the recommendations of his report.


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Right of Everyone to the Enjoyment of the Highest Attainable Standard of Physical and Mental Health
PDF Document - 156K
Download the complete report by UN Special Rapporteur Anand Grover.

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