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In Brief
Kosovo Declares Independence

Pristina _ Kosovo’s Assembly on Sunday declared the region a new country in a long-anticipated step that marks the further dissolution of the former Yugoslavia into ethnically based Balkan states.

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Serbia’s Prime Minister, President Denounce Kosovo, West

Belgrade _ Only moments after Kosovo’s declaration of independence, Serbia’s president and prime minister lashed out at the United States and the European Union Sunday, accusing them of violating international law and creating what they described as a “fake state” on Serbia’s soil.

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Belgrade Clashes Over Kosovo’s Independence

Belgrade _ Hundreds of protesters clashed with Serbian police on Sunday evening, hours after Kosovo’s leaders unilaterally declared the province’s independence from Serbia.

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Declaration Triggers Scenes of Euphoria

Pristina _ Pristina’s city centre waited for the moment, then erupted with euphoria when the declaration came, and celebrations were set to continue deep into the night.

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