Macedonia reclama delimitar la frontera

Skopje _ Macedonia will invite Kosovo authorities to discuss an urgent demarcation of the mutual border, the Government’s press service said Wednesday.

"A creation of a joint commission is envisaged" so to demarcate the Kosovo-Macedonia border, spokesman Ivica Bocevski wrote in a statement.

Skopje signed a United Nations-verified agreement for border demarcation with Belgrade in 2001, since at the time Kosovo was legally part of Serbia. 

However with Kosovo being administered by the UN, Pristina and Belgrade disputed who had the right to sign the agreement with Skopje and the border was effectively left unmarked.

Defining the border was part of the plan for Kosovo's "supervised independence" devised by special UN envoy, Martti Ahtisaari in 2007. 

Skopje has strongly backed the plan and insisted on its full implementation.

Macedonia is yet to recognise Kosovo's independence and claims it will closely monitor European Union and NATO positions, both organisations the country aspires to join, before making its own decision on recognition.

28-II-08, balkaninsight