Hungría y Croacia reconocen Kosovo

Croatia & Hungary Recognise Kosovo

Photo By FoNet
Photo By FoNet
19 March 2008 Zagreb/Budapest, balkaninsight
Croatia and Hungary both recognised Kosovo on Wednesday despite warnings from Serbia Foreign Minister the move would harm relations with Belgrade.

Croatia’s recognition came at a closed meeting of the country’s cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Ivo Sanader.

The move immediately sparked the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Slobodan Uzelac, an ethnic Serb from the Independent Democratic Serb Party, SDSS.

Uzelac’s party, the SDSS, had urged ministers from refraining from recognizing Kosovo until parliamentary elections are held in Serbia on May 11.

“I understand this decision but I repeat, I still want Uzelac in the cabinet,” Sanader said.

Sanader and Uzelac will now hold talks on the SDSS will remain within the ruling coalition.

Meanwhile Hungary's Foreign Ministry also confirmed it has officially recognised Kosovo as an independent state.

A statement issued by the government spokesman's office said stability in south-eastern Europe was a top priority and that each country in the region should have "clear European perspectives".

Kosovo's institutions should guarantee a multi-ethnic state based on the principles of democracy and of a constitutional state, the statement added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic appealed to Serbia’s neighbouring countries not to recognise Kosovo's independence.

“I see with deep sorrow that there are some regional countries that are recognising or are ready to recognise Kosovo as an independent state,” Jeremic said in Athens, after meeting his Greek counterpart Dora Bakoyannis.

“Do not do that. This is an appeal,” he said, adding “countries that do that, cannot have good relations with Serbia.”

Bulgaria had also agreed along with Croatia and Hungary earlier on Wednesday to recognise Kosovo, in what looks like a coordinated move by Serbia’s neighbours to stave off retribution by Belgrade.

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