an apology from Hong Kong protesters

Resultat d'imatges de hong kong airport protestAntigovernment demonstrators apologized on Wednesday for their increasingly confrontational tactics, which a Chinese government spokesman denounced as “conduct close to terrorism.” Two days of protests plunged the city’s international airport into chaos and caused hundreds of flight cancellations.
Imatge relacionada“We apologize for our behavior but we are just too scared,” read one post that was widely distributed on social media. “Our police shot us, government betrayed us, social institutions failed us. Please help us.”
The airport said it would limit terminal access to ticketed passengers and workers.
Bigger picture: A major undercurrent of the protests is an identity struggle over what Hong Kong means as a place, a culture and a political entity.

Related: The clashes at the airport, one of the world’s busiest transportation hubs, could cast further doubt on Hong Kong’s future as a business capital.

15-VIII-19, TNYTimes