manifestación masiva en Hong Kong, inician solidaridad en ciudades de todo el mundo

Hundreds of thousands of people took part in the march in Hong Kong on Sunday.  Lam Yik Fei for The New York Times

For Hong Kong’s protesters, a display of strength

Organizers estimated that some 1.7 million — perhaps one-fourth of Hong Kong’s total population — took to the streets on Sunday, defying a police ban and increasingly stern warnings from Beijing.
The Hong Kong police, however, said that only about 128,000 protesters showed up.
The demonstration, possibly the second largest since the movement began in June, remained peaceful — a stark contrast from the violence that broke out at previous protests.
Around the world: In dozens of other cities, including New York, London, Toronto and Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, hundreds of people also turned out over the weekend to show support for the movement in Hong Kong.
Investigation: The Times reviewed dozens of episodes in previous Hong Kong demonstrations involving tear gas and found that the police had at times used methods that experts described as indiscriminate and excessive.

Beijing’s tactics: China is increasingly pressuring businesses in Hong Kong to take its side, even as their employees join the protests. The most dramatic example came on Friday, when the chief executive of Cathay Pacific Airways resigned.