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BORIS, INTERRUPTED: Speaking of asking for a Brexit extension — opposition MPs overnight once again thwarted Boris Johnson’s attempts to force an early general election before Brexit, voting down his plans for the second time in the space of a week. Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he wanted an election but was “not prepared to risk inflicting” what he called “the disaster of no deal” on the country. Johnson insisted again that he will not ask for a Brexit delay. Charlie Cooper has the latest.

Last act: The U.K. parliament was suspended for a month after the vote.

On a roll: Before that, MPs on Monday also ordered Johnson’s government to release private messages between senior officials relating to its decision to suspend parliament, as well as documents related to no-deal Brexit planning.

BERCOW BOWS OUT: Speaker of the U.K. House of Commons John Bercow will stand down on October 31, he said Monday, meaning he’ll remain in place for key debates on Brexit. Our U.K. team has a profile of the larger-than-life Commons speaker.

New job? Guy Verhofstadt has an idea of what Bercow can do next.

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We’re covering a dramatic finale to the longest session of the British Parliament in modern history, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson got almost nothing he wanted. We also look at Moscow election results and why Tina Turner is thriving in retirement.
By Melina Delkic

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain speaking in Dublin on Monday.  Phil Noble/Reuters

Boris Johnson’s last-ditch election plan fails

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan to bolster support in his thinning Conservative Party with a general election was voted down late Monday. Parliament’s push to avert a no-deal Brexit became law. And lawmakers also voted to force the publication of secret emails about Mr. Johnson’s plans.
If Mr. Johnson had thought he could outfox Parliament by suspending it, sidelining lawmakers at a critical moment in the Brexit debate, he ended up being outmaneuvered.
What’s next: There has been talk that Mr. Johnson might defy the law and refuse to ask Brussels for an extension. This could lead to a messy court battle or even jail time.
Parliament is now suspended until mid-October.

Related: The resignation of John Bercow, the colorful House of Commons speaker known for his antiquarian language, should have been a relief — but it was timed such that his replacement would be chosen by the current Parliament, packed with Mr. Johnson’s opponents.