China retoma la eliminación de las libertades de Hong-Kong

WHILE THE WORLD IS DISTRACTED BY COVID … Beijing announced it would today propose national security legislation that would limit opposition activity in Hong Kong. The BBC has the details. Activists are calling for a protest march today, while U.S. senators are planning to introduce legislation to impose sanctions on Chinese officials for violating Hong Kong’s independence. politico, 22-V-20

Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong | About usBeijing moves to tighten its grip on Hong Kong

China’s proposal for new national security laws would give the Communist Party more control over the semiautonomous territory, and the plan has reignited fear, anger and protests in Hong Kong over the creeping influence of the authoritarian government.
A broad outline for the rules was expected to be approved during the annual session of the National People’s Congress, which starts today.
The proposal also provoked outrage in the U.S. Congress, where bipartisan support grew quickly for new sanctions on Chinese officials and entities. But President Trump is reluctant to jeopardize his ties to President Xi Jinping.

Q. and A.: Is this the end of Hong Kong? Here are some basic questions and answers on China’s action and the possible repercussions.

nytimes, 22-V-20