se activa la campaña europeísta “Voters Without Borders”

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The ECI “Voters Without Borders” is open for signatures!


Dear members of the press, friends and colleagues,

We appreciate your support for Voters Without Borders, and we would like to thank all of those who were present at our launch event this 1 September!

For those who could not be there, here are some highlights of the day. 


In addition, find some documents to further support our ECI for full political rights of EU Citizens!!!
  • the press release embargoed for noon on 1 September in different languages;
  • stories from ordinary citizens;
  • the 35-page report updating the arguments in favour of this ECI;
  • a package of audiovisual material;
  • last but not least scan me to get to sign the ECI and alert others to do the same!!

Many thanks for all your amazing support!
Yours Voters without Borders Task Force