Hong Kong police break up protests over delayed election

Nearly 300 people were arrested during protests in Hong Kong on Sunday, the scheduled date for a legislative election. Thousands of police officers in riot gear filled the streets. Videos showed plainclothes officers using pepper spray at close range and dragging a man across asphalt and sidewalks before putting him in handcuffs.
The election was postponed for one year because of the pandemic, but many in the pro-democracy camp accused the government of stalling to avoid the defeat of establishment candidates. The protests were also an expression of public anger at a draconian security law imposed by Beijing that is silencing dissent.
A major shift: Our reporters documented the chilling effect that the law has had on free speech in Hong Kong.

On the mainland: Journalists from CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Getty Images who tried to renew their Chinese media credentials last week were told that their cards, usually good for one year, would not be reissued.