el independentismo catalán claudicado salvando al Gobierno del CatalanGate

24-IV-22, vilaweb

Spanish intelligence agency acquired Pegasus spyware in first half of 2010s

Former head of body neither confirms nor denies mass espionage against Catalan independence leaders. Read more


Citizen Lab sees solid evidence linking Spain to the Catalangate

Pro-independence movement announces legal action in response to ‘world’s biggest cyberattack’. Read more


European Commission deems Pegasus espionage unacceptable

Brussels says that member states must investigate those cases. Read more


Amnesty International asks the Spanish government to clarify its involvement with the CatalanGate

Catalan president denounces a ‘serious attack on democracy and fundamental rights'. Read more


The #CatalanGate: spyware on Presidents, MPs and other pro-independence leaders

Their mobile phones were attacked by Israeli NSO Group’s software since 2017. Read more

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