más autoinmolaciones en el Tíbet; súmate a la manifestación del 10-III en Madrid

7 March 2012

Dear Friends,

This past weekend brought the shocking news of 3 self-immolations in 3 days in Tibet, including Tsering Kyi (pictured right), a 19 year-old student. These tragic reminders of the vital importance of raising our voices to amplify Tibetan aspirations for freedom were emphasized by yesterday's Sky News broadcast of a moving interview with a Tibetan in Ngaba. He said "I feel very sad, you know, because of the situation, a lot of people died, so just Tibetan people alone, nobody can help, nobody.... nobody try to help. We are not terrorist, we are buddhism, so we are not going to harm other people."

10 March 2012 is more important than any 10 March ever before. We need to let Tibetans know we are here, that we are trying to help.
China is responsible for writing the darkest chapter in Tibet's history, but we are all here to support Tibetans in their determination to regain their freedom.

There are now almost 100 events listed at www.March10.org and I urge you to join a protest, be in the streets, and join the resistance this Saturday. If you are unable to join and event, you can help by taking part in our ENOUGH Pledge Delivery action.

The ENOUGH Pledge delivery is simple: On 10 March...
1. Download the ENOUGH Pledge 

2. Hold up the pledge at a local landmark. You can do this as part of a 10 March event, or in your own town or city.

3. Upload your photo to our Flickr Group; Share on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Be proud; You will have joined thousands around the world, standing in solidarity with the Tibetan people in Tibet.

Thank you as always for your continued support for Tibet.

Best wishes,

Alison Reynolds,
Executive Director, International Tibet Network Secretariat

P.S Financial support for the work of the Tibet movement is always needed. If you would like to make a donation please visit http://www.tibetnetwork.org/donate


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