radicali, 25-IV, Rome: second March for Amnesty, Justice and Freedom

Second March for Amnesty, Justice and Freedom

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On sunday 8th of April, Easter day, the Italian Radicals will gather in Rome for the second "March for Amnesty, Justice and Freedom".

Seven years ago already, on Christmas day 2005, we marched from Castel Sant'Angelo, passing near symbolic places as the Regina Coeli penitentiary and institutional places (Presidency of the Republic of Italy, the seat of the Prime Minister, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate). We called for measures of amnesty and pardon, to reduce significantly the judicial overload that have suffocated tribunals for years now, and to alleviate the burden caused by the penitentiary system - in all its component: convicts, administrative and custody personnel.

Today in Italy, in our penitentiary system - despite recent measures introduced by the Government - there are 7,000 more inmates than in 2005.
Since then, the situation has become far more serious and gangrened. We find ourselves, as a State and a Republic, in an undeniable, technically speaking, situation of criminal flagrancy. We find ourselves in a perpetual and continued violation of every kind of ruling legislation: national, international and european; a violation provoked by over 10 millions of pending civil and criminal proceedings, and as a consequence of this our country is constantly sanctioned by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, because of the "non-reasonable duration of judicial proceedings that constitute a serious threat to rule of law".

We noted that since then, there was not one public or private television debate on this issue, a true emergency in the country. The objectives of the second "March for Amnesty, Justice and Freedom" are the same as the first march of 2005. For these reasons we invite all promoters of the first march to come forward, for today the situation is manifestly far more serious. "We want to serve the State, we do not want to be accomplices of violence and illegality against justice and the State itself", prisons' heads declare. We all, promoters of the "Second March for Amnesty, Justice and Freedom", say without hard feeling nor hostility towards anyone that we intend to offer the further force that firstly all institutional figures must have.


Natale 2005 – 25 aprile 2012

Mercoledì 25 aprile 2012

Roma, ore 10.00 Castel Sant’Angelo

seconda marcia

per l’amnistia, la giustizia, la libertà.

E, nel giorno della Festa della Liberazione, per una nuova Liberazione


Caro Rafel,

ti annunciamo che la Seconda Marcia per l’Amnistia, la Giustizia e la Libertà non si terrà la domenica di Pasqua, come precedentemente comunicato, ma mercoledì 25 aprile, giorno della Festa della Liberazione.

Sulle ragioni del rinvio al 25 aprile è possibile ascoltare l’intervento di Marco Pannella nel corso dell’ultima puntata di Radio Carcere (http://www.radicalparty.org/it/content/pannella-queste-le-ragioni-il-rinvio-al-25-aprile-della-marcia-amnistia-giustizia-e-la-liber ) e la conferenza stampa che si è tenuta giovedì 29 marzo alla Camera dei deputati (http://www.radioradicale.it/scheda/349184 ) con relazioni di Luigi Amicone, Rita Bernardini, Emma Bonino, Luigi Manconi, Marco Pannella e la presenza di alcuni tra i deputati che hanno aderito alla marcia.

Il percorso sarà lo stesso della marcia del Natale 2005 e, come sette anni fa, chiederemo al Parlamento un impegno concreto per far fronte alle drammatiche condizioni in cui versano la giustizia e le carceri nel nostro Paese.

Anche gli obiettivi sono gli stessi: per l'amnistia, la giustizia e la libertà. E, nel giorno della Festa della Liberazione, per una nuova Liberazione.

Puoi sottoscrivere l’appello e consultare l’elenco dei promotori a questo link: http://www.radicalparty.org/it/seconda-marcia-amnistia