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The Situationist International archives have been updated and reorganized to ameliorate their utility.

Texts by and pertaining to the Situationist International have been entered into a database, and are available at the Text Library by clicking the link on the left. The library is fully searchable, and features more texts than ever before. Information on related articles are linked from each text, and biographical blurbs about the authors are just a click away.

Situationist images and related graphics are available from the Images link, which currently offers a selection of graphics, and a picturebook of posters from May 1968 in Paris.

Links to other Situationist and prositu websites are available through Links.

Join the Situationist mailing list for a discussion of theory and contemporary activity in the prositu vein.


I am always looking for copies of Situationist Texts in both French and English. If you have any texts not published in the journals, please contact me.

Je suis toujours à la recherche des articles et essais situationnistes soit en anglais ou français. Si vous avez des textes qui ne sont pas apparus dans le journal IS, signalez-moi.