análisis de las Party Convention en la carrera electoral presidencial USA

The latest analysis from Aspenia online - August 1, 2012

Syria’s civil war and the dangers of the Middle East power struggle
Ted Galen Carpenter - Old Continent - 1/8/2012

As the Syrian civil war becomes increasingly chaotic and bloody, some experts caution that the conflict is not a simple morality play featuring an evil regime versus noble, freedom-loving rebels...

Understanding the party conventions in the US
Valentina Pasquali - U.S. and Us - 1/8/2012

At the end of August of 2008, John McCain stunned the political world by choosing former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate for the White House...

Are political conventions a thing of the past?
Ethan Pollack - U.S. and Us - 1/8/2012

For almost the entire election season, the two political parties will compete with each other over who is more in line with the “common man”, and will label the other party as “elitist” and “out of to...

L’effetto convention sulla popolarità dei candidati alla presidenza
Marco Morini - U.S. and Us - 1/8/2012

Nonostante le convention dei due grandi partiti americani abbiano perso da quattro decenni molta rilevanza politica, la forza del rito rimane...

Protagonisti e assenti nelle convention nazionali
Martino Mazzonis - U.S. and Us - 1/8/2012

Le convention che nominano ufficialmente il candidato presidente non sono più un luogo di conflitto politico da tempo...