Who do you imagine when you think about people who use drugs?...

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Dear friends,

Who do you imagine when you think about people who use drugs?

A new survey reveals that much of what we think we know about people who use drugs is wrong. Read more about it here.

Would you believe that people who use drugs are, on average, more educated than the average citizen? Or that less than 10 percent are unemployed?

Around the world, the mythology of the drug user—as a desperate, ill or uncontrollable person—has often influenced policies that were poorly informed about actual drug use.

Mexico is no different. Learn more on the new revelations about drug use patterns there.

It goes without saying that there are potential risks to drug use but if we look closer, we find that some negative consequences are actually driven by existing policies. For example, the survey found that many people who use drugs suffered damaging arrests and even extortion at the hands of authorities.

Unless we understand better what we are dealing with, the policy response may actually make things worse.

Isn’t it time we discarded uninformed thinking about people who use drugs? Click here to join the conversation on our website.

Best wishes,
Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch
Director, Global Drug Policy Program

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