urgent action: Tell Brazil to evict illegal invaders before it is too late

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Urgent action: Tell Brazil to evict illegal invaders before it is too late

The Awá Indians, one of the last nomadic hunter-gatherer peoples of the Amazon rainforest, are being driven towards extinction.

Since the launch of Survival's campaign to save the Awá, the Brazilian government has declared the tribe a top priority, and has promised that plans are in place to evict the illegal loggers and ranchers who are destroying the Indians' forest. But little concrete action has been taken.

Please write to Brazil's Minister of Justice urging him to ensure that the evictions operation starts in the next couple of weeks, before it is too late. Click here to send a pre-written message

Or if this doesn't work for you, you can use this text to send an email to the Minister at gabinetemj@mj.gov.br:

Dear Minister Cardozo,

I urge you to ensure that the eviction of the loggers and ranchers from Awá land starts in the next couple of weeks, before the rains set in making the operation almost impossible.

The Awá will lose everything if you do not take fast action to ensure their survival. They depend completely on their forest, which is being destroyed at an alarming pace.

You promised to evict the invaders from the Awá's land, and a court ordered this to be done by early 2013, but little concrete action has been taken and the Awá are warning that they are unable to feed their families.

Only you have the power to save the Awá and there is no time to spare: if you do not act now, earth's most threatened tribe will be driven to extinction.


If you have five minutes, please write your own message. This is much more powerful.

Thank You.

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