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Our balanced response to Moscow: international norms and long-term partnership
Federica Mogherini - Old Continent - 9/4/2014

My first month and a half in office has been mainly devoted to managing the needed response by Italy and its partners to the Russia-Ukraine problem...

The post-post Cold War and the US pivot back to Europe
Richard Burt - Old Continent - 9/4/2014

Though something has clearly changed in US-EU-Russian relations due to the crisis in Ukraine, we are not in another Cold War...

Ucraina: il quadro intricato del dopo-Yanukovich
Luca Raso - Old Continent - 10/4/2014

Dal novembre 2013 gli avvenimenti di piazza dell’Indipendenza a Kiev, e poi nel resto del paese, sono stati al centro dell’attenzione dell’opinione pubblica mondiale...


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