Recordings and Final Declaration of Third World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research


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Dear Rafael,


the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research held its Third Meeting last April in Rome, on the subject: “Bridging the Gap Between Science and Politics”. Our goals were set in the Final Declaration .


The Meeting was attended by speakers from 16 countries and 5 continents. To name just a few: Nobel Peace Prize laureate Betty Williams; Italy’s Ministers for Health and Education; representatives of the World Health Organization, the European Medicines Agency, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


The resources used for the last ten years of the Congress – to ensure the presence of leading scientists and politicians in Rome, Brussels, Geneva and New York – have been substantial.


To continue to activity of our Congress as a permanent forum for discussion and transnational action, we need your support. We ask you to support the initiative with a donation through   this  page  .


Thank you for your help,


Marco CappatoMichele De Luca and Filomena Gallo


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Full recordings of each speech can be found here:
First day
Giachetti, Napolitano, Giannini, Sabine, Bonino, Baccouche, Boggio, Stallman, Cappato, Varantola, Bertollini, Nalecz, D’Amico, Della Vedova, Cossu, Nutt, Rossi, Gallo, Venegas, Calzada, De Biasi, Brüstle, Sattler, Geraedts, Gianaroli, Bhattacharya, Handyside, Sermon, Mertes
Second day 
Marino, Cattaneo, Rhodes, Corbellini, Radaelli, Ivantchik, Ammann, Murray, Grignolio, Oullier, Massarenti, Lorenzin, Woolley, Siegel, Coggon, Ballabeni, Santosuosso, Colombo, Abbott, Rasi, Pani,
De Luca, Testa
Third day

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Perduca, Strata, Mengarelli, Mastrolorenzo, Stocker, Patterson, Harris, Jahanbegloo, Pannella, Williams, Baccouche, Jaconi.
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You can view the world map of freedom of research and self-determination link .