Ukraine after the Minsk II agreement (artículos de análisis)

Ukraine after the Minsk II agreement - The latest analysis from Aspenia online - February 24, 2015

I nuovi accordi di Minsk e le dinamiche sul terreno
Riccardo Pennisi - Old Continent - 23/2/2015

La stretta di mano fugace e appena accennata tra Vladimir Putin e Petro Porochenko il 12 febbraio traduce alla perfezione la fragilità dell'accordo raggiunto a Minsk...

Misunderstanding ordinary Russians and the failure of sanctions
Ivan Nechepurenko - Old Continent - 23/2/2015

Despite inflicting severe pain on the economy, and therefore on ordinary Russians, sanctions imposed by Western states on Moscow over the Ukraine crisis have had the opposite effect: instead of weaken...

Ukraine’s ambiguous future: success story or failed state?
Oleksiy Semeniy - Old Continent - 23/2/2015

The Ukraine crisis has already substantially changed not only Ukraine and some of its neighbors, but the European security system, and possibly the international system as a whole...

How Obama knows arming the Ukrainians is a bad idea
John C. Hulsman - Old Continent - 23/2/2015

As is true of most calamities, the utterly ineffective Western response to President Vladimir Putin's aggression in Ukraine allows for a lot of blame to be spread around...

La Santa Sede e la guerra in Ucraina
Ignazio Ingrao - Old Continent - 23/2/2015

“Guerra fratricida” o “aggressione della Russia”? L'atteggiamento fin qui tenuto al riguardo dell’attuale conflitto in Ucraina ha attirato diverse critiche alla diplomazia vaticana...