Defense of Japan 2014 (doc)

Defense of Japan 2014
En este documento, aprobado ya por el primer ministro japonés Shinzo Abe, se manifiesta la preocupación del gobierno por China, que está tomando posiciones en los territorios en disputa en el Mar de la China Oriental y el Meridional.
VII/2015 Ministerio de Defensa de Japón

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Part I: Security Environment Surrounding Japan
Chapter 1 Defense Policies of Countries
Chapter 2 Issues in the International Community
Part II: Japan's Security and Defense Policy
Chapter 1 The Basic Concepts of Japan's Security and Defense Policy
Chapter 2 Organizations Responsible for Japan's Security and Defense
Chapter 3 National Security Strategy
Chapter 4 New National Defense Program Guidelines
Chapter 5 Building a Dynamic Joint Defense Force
Part III: Initiatives of Defense of Japan
Chapter 1 Initiatives to Protect the Lives and Property of the People and Secure the Territorial Land, Water and Airspace
Chapter 2 Strengthening of the Japan-U.S. Alliance
Chapter 3 Active Promotion of Security Cooperation
Part IV: Bases to Demonstrate Defense Capabilities
Chapter 1 Measures on Defense Equipment, such as the Three Principles on Transfer of Defense Equipment and Technology
Chapter 2 Relationship between the Japanese People and the Ministry of Defense and the SDF

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