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Ask your MP to support Proportional Representation
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Electoral Reform Society

Dear ...................,

This Wednesday, your MP will have a chance to support Proportional Representation.

It’s not an opportunity that comes up very often. So if you believe in reform, please help the cause by getting behind the ‘Representation of the People (Proportional Representation) Bill’ and encouraging your MP to turn up to support it.
The Bill is being put forward by Stalybridge and Hyde MP Jonathan Reynolds, and there’s just a couple of days to build some momentum behind it – so it’s vital we take action today.

Sadly, as it’s a non-government Bill it’s not very likely to pass – but rallying behind it will really help keep the issue on the agenda. And what’s more, we’ll get important intel about where MPs stand on electoral reform.

The Bill isn’t perfect: it proposes using the Additional Member System, rather than our preferred Single Transferable Votea proportional system that maximises voter choice. But it does represent a chance for positive change.

Let’s send a strong message to the government that the public haven’t forgotten 7th May - the most disproportionate election result ever.

Best wishes,
Katie Ghose
Chief Executive
Electoral Reform Society

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