Xinjiang / Turquestán Oriental: ¿¡un millón de detenidos?!, ¿¡dos millones en reeducación?!

China denied accusations from United Nations experts that it had detained more than a million ethnic Uighur Muslims, forcing as many as two million to submit to re-education and indoctrination.
The allegations are based on reports from activists and scholars as well as accounts from friends and relatives of Uighurs who have disappeared. Above, a Uighur resident of Xinjiang.
At a hearing in Geneva, a Chinese representative said his country had clamped down on terrorist activity but that there was “no such thing as re-education centers.” The denials didn’t seem to convince members of the U.N. panel.

TNYT, 14-VIII-2018

The Nations of East Turkestan, Tibet & South Mongolia to be Liberated from China . . . should include the free states of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau & Guandong