How to Halt Yemen’s Slide into Famine


How to Halt Yemen’s Slide into Famine

What’s new? At the end of October, fighting reached the outer edges of the city of Hodeida, a gateway on Yemen’s Red Sea coast for trade that is a lifeline for some two thirds of the country’s population. It has subsided for now but could resume at any moment.

Why does it matter? A final battle for Hodeida city and port would likely plunge millions of Yemenis into famine. It would also undermine talks between Huthi rebels and the Yemeni and Gulf Arab forces arrayed against them, thereby prolonging the population’s suffering.

What should be done? International stakeholders should strive to spare Hodeida and facilitate the port’s transfer to the UN. The U.S. and others should stop enabling the Saudi-led coalition’s offensives. The Security Council should pass a resolution calling for a nationwide ceasefire and for all parties to protect vital transport infrastructure.