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Bild zu Volt, Partei, Europa, Hi ..............,

Trust you are fine! Sorry for bothering you directly, but can I ask you a little favor? As you might know, we are currently fundraising for our first full time team, based out of Brussels to launch our European campaign! We raised 26,000 euros already. But we need to raise another 50,000 euros to be able to finance the team.

We would like to give the campaign a little boost before the end of the month and then go to the media with it again. Could I quickly ask you to donate to our campaign today, if you were thinking about it anyways? Here is the link. If you do, please please please share it on Facebook afterwards :-). And if you have already donated or don't feel like it at all, never mind!

As a little incentive: Every donation above 200 EUR between now and and the end of the month will be rewarded with a group video Question & Answer session with our core team!

Thanks a lot,.............. , it would be great if you could help.

Greetings from a sunny Berlin


P.S.: You can also find our current pitch here, which you can forward to friends, collegues, and family. If you know any influencer (famous people with a followership), let me know via email. Damian Boeselager


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